Monday, January 2, 2017

high flying infield cards rule

like many others, i received a pwe from adam at infield fly rule before christmas. there were some nice cards for my collection in there, including a 1993 fleer ultra eric karros card.
this was one of the last two cards i needed to finish off that team set, and between adam and brian from hsca, i was able to mark it as complete.

here's a nice double play card from 1997 upper deck collector's choice that shows rockie walt wiess avoiding raul mondesi's slide
i had one of these in my double play collection already, so this copy goes in my dodger stadium collection thanks to the appearance of the left field pavilion and dodger bullpen. or perhaps my lurker collection thanks to rauuuuuuuuuul's presence on a non-dodger card.

the highlight of the envelope for me was this 1999 fleer tradition brian bohanon card
it's one of those dodger/non-dodger cards, with bohanon shown in dodger blue but affiliated with the rockies.  shades of o-pee-chee!  a couple of things that i remember about bohanon:  first,  he was a remnant of the first dodger tenure of hideo nomo, as the dodgers and interim general manager tommy lasorda traded greg mcmichael (one of the pieces they got from the mets for nomo in 1998) back to the mets for bohanon scarcely a month after first acquiring mcmichael in the nomo deal.  second, he had a really good era (2.40) and whip (1.13) with the dodgers, but a sub-.500 record (5-7) due to poor run support.  he left for colorado as a free agent after the season ended, just as this card illustrates.

thanks adam! i hope you appreciated the return pwe as well.

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  1. Greg McMichael. I remember him as a Brave. Guy got around.

    Thanks for the return. No post yet but I like what was in it!