Tuesday, June 18, 2024

here are some cards from 2024 topps series 2

i bought some series 2 at target the other day, including a hanger box. here are some of the cards

first card was mark canha
and the next card was blake sabol
he's displaying the gaylord perry and vida blue memorial patches side by side which happened after the club took on a sponsor and began wearing an advertisement on the other sleeve where the perry and blue patches used to be. the mets are rocking a similarly crowded sleeve this year with bud harrelson's memorial patch which i don't think showed up on any series 2 cards.

i realized that i failed to include zack greinke's card
in my saturday post, even though i had updated the text with the intention to show the card  (i've added it now). i was quite surprised to find a card for greinke in series 2 to say the least. here's the back:
i hope that those aren't his final career stats but they may well be.

i was also quite surprised to find a jd martinez dodger card in series 2!
since he has long since moved on to the mets, and i am always pleased to find a random double play turn
that one features the twins' max kepler sliding in at target field during a twins/brewers game that is sometimes referred to here in the twin cities as a "border battle", and this one features the twins' carlos correa
jumping over former twin aaron hicks.

i was pleased to find some cards of japanese players, including shota imanaga
whose card i initially thought showcased one of the issues with the new fanatics jerseys - the greys show sweat a little bit - however i am thinking that this is a photoshop job from a photo (very similar to this one) from the wbc which would have had him in a non-fanatics jersey (i think). another japanese pitcher that i was hoping to find pitches for the dodgers, and i was successful in finding a yoshinobu yamamoto rookie card
and i was also happy to find more dodgers in the pack, including dustin may
and clayton kershaw
series 2 gives us a first look at the new jerseys, and on yamamoto's card you can really tell that the front number is smaller when you compare that image to the photo used on may's card.

there was a run of checklists towards the end of the stack, including a freddie freeman card
a card featuring correa and prison mike royce
and a mookie betts card
so i did pretty well with dodgers all around.

when i got to the end where the inserts lie, this was looking back at me
not a dodger, but a nice golden mirror ssp of charlie blackmon. the photo used on the variation isn't the most exciting
but these things are pretty rare at 1:80 hanger boxes so that's nice.

i also beat the odds (1:3) by getting a royal blue vaughn grissom parallel
and a 1989 35th anniversary parallel
which is also listed at 1:3. seems like these were more prevalent in past years.

next was this "covering the field" insert of ronald acuna jr
which is all about offense, not defense. the card is probably meant to be viewed this way
yellow parallels are guaranteed in these boxes, and i got two
it took me a minute to figure out what was going on with peguero's left foot, but i got there eventually.

also included were four of the overproduced stars of mlb inserts (not shown). before buying this hanger box, i joined a group break for the dodgers so i'll have more series 2 cards to show in the near future. i also bought a blaster at the same time as this hanger, and i'll show some of those cards next time. stay tuned!

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  1. You just had to show off Imanaga and Yamamoto. Now I might need to go out and find a box of Series 2.