Thursday, June 20, 2024

and here are some more cards from 2024 topps series 2

i mentioned in my post on tuesday that i bought a blaster of 2024 topps series 2 on that same target run in which i picked up the hanger box. i found the blaster to be more interesting.

in the first pack, i found one of the holiday parallels
there is something very compelling about having the statue of liberty parallel for a player named france!

the other holiday parallels were the fireworks variety
i believe the kids might say that marte is an example of "gyat"
to me, this design looks less like fireworks and more like a paper towel pattern
the shading works nicely with the uniform colors on cedric mullins' card though.

i found a lone rainbow foil parallel - drew millas
and a singular royal blue parallel - elvis andrus
i wasn't aware at the time of the "women in baseball" insert set, so finding a card of jessica mendoza
was a surprise. it's nice that these subjects are not relegated to allen & ginter sets. or worse. in fact, mendoza's card is sort of a dodger adjacent card given her role with the team as an announcer. i don't consider it a dodger card, however.

this one is most certainly that, however,
and it's the latest iteration of the "significant statistics" genre

i've seen this next card shared as a "fan favorites"
but it's actually "fantasy favorites". i think on some cards the "tasy" part is more obscured than on corbin carroll's example. it works either way. it gives sort of a "beautiful mind" vibe. or 1995 fleer if you prefer.

i am a magnet for astros inserts, and so i should have expected that my 1989 35th anniversary card would look like this one
the fact that it is kyle tucker and not alex bregman is the real surprise.  my 1989 35th anniversary all-star card wasn't an astro
but rather a young derek jeter.

my favorite insert set is the "city to city" cards. i got a jose ramirez card
the "cle" works as an abbreviation for cleveland, but it is really in reference to the city's airport code, and i have actually flown into that airport. i thought about collecting the set, or maybe just the ones whose airports i have flown into (which would be most of the set), but i think i will just pick up a few of the more meaningful ones. we will see, however.

in the last post, i did not scan any of the stars of mlb inserts, so i figured i would do that this time. i got these six in my blaster
there's alex bregman.

i also got the base and chrome parallel version of kyle harrison's card
it would be cool if someone would explain why topps removed the advertising patch on the base version but left it on for the chrome version.  i'll wait.

while i am waiting, i will say that i bought even more series 2 with a gift card from my employer. i'll share that bounty - and there was a big bounty - in another post.


  1. THOSE are supposed to be fireworks??? Yeah, OK.

    You're really going all in on Series 2. I think I'm done.

    1. looks like those aren't fireworks. the fireworks background cards are #/5 and look like fireworks. however the examples i saw on ebay listed these as fireworks, too. they are just "holiday" i guess. or paper towel design.

  2. I'll pass on the Spirograph parallels but the Women In baseball insert set is intriguing.

    And yes, it is very cool that you landed a Lady Liberty card of Ty France - not only because it was a gift from France, but the text shorthand of 'Thank You' is Ty. :o

  3. Ha! My 12 year old daughter used to say "gyat", until her mother and I started to embarrass her with our overuse of it!

  4. Too bad they didn't put Suzyn Waldman in the Women in Baseball set. She's been a Yankees announcer for 20 years and a reporter for decades prior.

  5. Had to look up gyat. Lol. I'm surprised I hadn't heard that from my students. The closest thing is one of my students said she was proud to be a "big back".

    As for Series 2... I do like the Statue of Liberty parallels... and that Women in Baseball insert set.