Monday, September 25, 2023

the k is for kershaw kountdown continues - giants in the ravine edition

yes, the kountdown to 3,000 strikeouts for clayton kershaw continues as he took the mound against the giants on saturday night in los angeles. he struck out 5 batters to give him 132 strikeouts on the season. those 5 giants that he k'd increased his career total to 2,939.

in honor of his performance, here are 5 cards from my collection to represent strikeouts 2,935 through 2,939.

2,935 - 2018 topps heritage 1968 deckle edge

2,936 - 2019 topps gallery heritage

2.937 - 2019 topps national baseball card day gallery preview

2,938 - 2020 topps big league orange

2,939 - 2020 topps stadium club red foil
a fitting card for that last strikeout given its dodger stadium location.

kershaw remains in 21st place on the all-time leader board, and he will remain there until he passes zack greinke. greinke, who struck out 5 guardians last wednesday, has a career strikeout total of 2,972. kershaw is now 33 k's behind greinke and 61 away from the 3,000 milestone. 

kershaw pitched five innings against the giants in what may have been his final regular season start at chavez ravine. once the postseason is over, it will once again be time to wait and see if he will return to pitch in 2024 and whether he will do so as a dodger. i really hope he sees the 3k milestone as one that must be reached and that he decides to do it as a dodger.

it looks like kershaw's next start will come this weekend in the series against the giants in nocal, and will obviously be his final start of the regular season. know that i will be back to update the kountdown soon thereafter. stay tuned!


  1. I passed by a Skechers store the other day and they had a big poster of Kershaw. I thought of your blog.

  2. I also really hope he comes back and with the Dodgers. It's a shame that we are even discussing if he will return to baseball in general. He is still too young to hang them up! He needs to stay a Dodger for his career, like legends Koufax and Drysdale before him.

  3. Love that 2020 SC card! What a fantastic photo.

  4. If Clayton were in an older uniform, and that photo was in black and white, one would be hard pressed to tell what era it was from. The overall shot has a very "old" feel to it.