Wednesday, September 27, 2023

one in davey lopes years

fifteen years ago today i posted for the first time at my first blog, garveyceyrusselllopes. i have been mostly actively blogging since then, but i am here at a different site now. allow me a moment of reflection...

july 31, 2015 marked my final post at garveyceyrusselllopes, and within that timeframe i also completed three years of posts at oh my o-pee-chee covering all of the variations between topps and their canadian counterpart. i also started timeless teams, but i didn't finish up at that site until 2018.

the reason for the different blogs made sense to me, and stand alone topics like o-pee-chee variations and the 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams sets were obvious subjects for their own blogs. i sort of wish i had done the same thing with the 1990 target dodgers set, rather than having that as a weekly post at garveyceyrusselllopes, and so when i had the idea for a frankenset of dodger dupes, i knew that i wanted it to be its own blog rather than a feature on my flagship site. however, i took a bit of a break before starting frankendodger in 2016, and after finishing that endeavor, i immediately broke ground here at cards as i see them.

with cards as a i see them, i really intended for it to be a site with quick posts focused on individual cards that i encountered - whether they were new or already part of my collection didn't matter. posts like the recent one regarding fletch or the one about j.d. martinez' 2023 bowman card were what i had in mind. of course, my collecting habits haven't really changed, and so there have been a lot of dodger-centric (and steve garvey focused) posts on here that are similar to or even continuations of themes that i ran on my old site. so, maybe my decision to abandon the flagship blog was the wrong one, but there's no turning back now.

anyway, in the intended spirit of the blog, here's davey lopes' 1976 topps record breaker card
which was the second lopes card i ever saw. 

it features an image that reminded me of how i saw baseball action as a little leaguer and i liked it immediately. it also made me long for another dodger record breaker card for my collection, and i only had to wait until 1980 to see manny mota sit near the top of the flagship checklist. these days, it sits as the first card in my "name/number on the back" mini collection as it prominently displays lopes' number 15.


  1. Congrats on 15 years of blogging!

  2. It's been great reading your various blogs over the years.

  3. Happy belated 15 years of blogging! That seems like a long time to have been blogging. I sometimes wish that I had been around at the beginning, but I was still a few years away from returning to card collecting, and more than a few years away from finding out what a blog was. Although, to hear some of you "old timers" speak, I don't know if I could've even kept up with the reading, or writing, had I been around back then.

  4. Congratulations on reaching 15 years of writing card related posts!

  5. Much Belated happy 15th blogiversary!