Wednesday, September 21, 2022

rank and filing on tcdb

i recently spent some time entering my player collections on tcdb, and have since begun entering my dodger collection. i am up to 2002 in that regard, so still have two decades worth of cards to add!  anyway, i figured i would share where things stood with my player collections before i added any cards from the dodger collection.

steve garvey:

according to the database, i own 1,195 of the 2,513 listed garvey cards available. there are many cards in my collection that aren't in the database - some that surprise me and some that don't. my collection spans from the 1971 dell's today stamp to the 2022 topps tribute autographs seen below.  
those are the base, blue, and green parallels.

this total has me at #2 among collectors in the database - just 2 behind the leader. clearly, mrmopar doesn't have his collection entered on tcdb.

don sutton:
after entering my non-dodger sutton cards, including my newly acquired 1981 topps squirt card above, i ranked #7 with 115 cards.

steve yeager:

i was #211 after only entering my non-dodger yeager cards

davey lopes:

using only my non-dodger lopes cards, i was already #1 on the site. to celebrate, i added this 2001 topps gold parallel:

ron cey:

i have 84 ron cey cards (that are in the database) from his time with the cubs and a's. that was good enough for #5

bill russell:

29 non-dodger cards of the shortstop of the team of my youth was enough for #100 among collectors on tcdb. these are his minor league managerial cards, most of which feature him in the dodger organization, but i split them out in to the pc instead.

dusty baker:

i was #6 using just my post-dodger baker cards (no braves). that surprised me, but he does have quite a few managerial cards - the newest of which is this 2021 topps chrome platinum anniversary card:
my post-dodger baker collection stands at 79 cards in the database.

rick monday:

i only have one post-dodger rick monday card - it comes from his time as a padres announcer - and it's not in the database.

reggie smith:

using only giant (san francisco and yomimuri) and team usa cards, i ranked #187 among smith collections.

tom lasorda:

my non-dodger lasorda cards only got me to #639. these are only team usa cards, since lasorda has no cards featuring him as a member of any mlb team other than the dodgers.

jimmie hall:

i have 20 jimmie hall cards (not counting those in my 1965 and 1970 complete sets). that's good for #1 on the site.

vladimir guerrero:

this 2005 donruss studio portraits diamond kings red (numbered to 55)
is my latest addition to the pc, and my 586 vladdy cards put me at #6 on the database. 

i haven't catalogued my other player collections - bill simas, mark brunell, wayne gretzky, and luc robitaille, but other than the brunell collection, they are small potatoes.

now that i have begun entering my dodger collection, my database rankings for most of these players have skyrocketed. for example, i am now number 1 for dusty baker cards, and there are a lot more yet to be entered. once i finish with the dodger collection, i'll share some updates. then i will have the mini-collections and sets to add.

well, here's another sad postscript. as i am sure you know, maury wills passed away yesterday.  i was too young to know maury as an active player, but i sure appreciated his career once i began to learn about him in the late 1970's. i was happy to see him appear in a couple of card sets as the mariners' manager in 1981 and even more excited to see his card in the 1982 kmart set.  i had this card
in my blog banner over at garveyceyrusselllopes, even though it was mostly obscured.

i have long hoped that will would be elected to the national baseball hall of fame (and subsequently have his number retired by the dodgers), but have resigned myself to the fact that it will likely not happen. he was a trailblazer who brought the stolen base back into the limelight rather than a longterm, dominant player which counts against his candidacy. he is, however, one of five current "legends of dodger baseball" which is the dodgers' way of recognizing important players in their history who won't get their numbers retired.  rest in peace, maury wills!


  1. Well I WAS leading in Davey Lopes cards on the site. That's clearly in the past. ... Unlike you, I care almost nothing for cards of Dodgers once they are no longer Dodgers.

    1. yeah i've limited my interest in those cards to just the 1977 dodger starting lineup. i used to chase steve sax, fernando, hershiser, and a few others after they left the dodgers but needed to draw the line somewhere.

  2. #6 in Ron Cey cards without any Dodgers entered is incredible!

    1. it kind of is, as i didn't realize how many non-dodger cards he had. but, if there aren't too many cey collectors entered in the database i guess it makes sense for me to rise with just those cards entered.

  3. Congrats on being the #1 collector for so many guys!

    1. i am curious to see where i land after all is said and done. i still have a lot of cards to enter.

  4. I thought of you and NO when I heard of Wills' passing. Nice TCDB totals, hope all that entry doesn't burn you out!

    1. the entry is time consuming, but i am using my want list spreadsheet on one screen and tcdb on the other and it's not too bad. i am not worried about which variation of 1988 donruss i have, so that makes things a bit easier.

  5. That's a tight race for #1 among Garvey collectors. Very curious to know where mrmopar stands.

    1. i certainly assume he would surpass my total as he has some cards that i don't, but i don't know how completist he's been the last couple of years with all the new releases and parallels. i think i've gone a bit crazy with those, myself.

    2. I have loosened my grip on the new issues over the last couple years, mainly due to a surge in pricing that I just can't get myself to pay. I probably have enough 1/1s to give anyone a run for their money on a complete checklist, but I have let a lot of those go lately as well. I much more prefer the oddball stuff to a recycled low print run card with a slight color variation now days. As with everything, the card makers took a nice idea and beat the living crap out of it until it became not only stale, but incredibly hard to continue. I have really enjoyed collecting Steve Garvey for many years, but he will almost likely never be a Hall of Famer and because of the scarcity of a lot of parallels and the must have it all mentality we have created, his cards just sell for way too much now. I am fairly confident that NOBODY will ever get to recoup what they spent if they were constantly fighting anyone else seriously for the newest, low print run, top cards. this includes myself.

  6. This is the main reason I'd like to enter my collection on TCDB one of these days - I'm very interested to see how some of my collections stack up against other users on the site. Also, I had no idea Dusty had a manager card in that Chrome Anniversary set, gonna have to find a copy of it!

    1. i was certainly curious about my garvey collection status, but the rankings don't mean a whole lot since not every collector is on the site. even then it just means i have too much cardboard rectangles in the house. that said, i do want to know where you land with vladdy!

  7. no, i didn't start checking things off in tcdb until last month. and i still have a long way to go...

  8. I had been to the site, but never really explored it in great detail. I am still not sure how you see the rankings, unless you can only see where you stand with regard to others. I did have to chuckle at some of the team issued 5x7 photos. The same image is used for multiple years, and they probably did recycle here and there until a new image was used, but it's almost impossible to tell for sure unless you pulled them out of packets you yourself purchased in those exact years. I covered all the different versions of these 5x7 B&W photos that I found in my blog and this was after going through MANY partial and full packages i have gathered up over the years. Even then, I can't be sure a full package of 20 was the original 20 photos or if someone put together a set with spare photos and envelopes! Maybe Danny Goodman was the only man who knew for sure...