Monday, November 2, 2020

here's a michael jordan card you might have missed

i used to have a pretty strong robin ventura collection. i still do, i guess, but it's been in a monster box for the last 15 years or so. he was from my neck of the woods, and was just barely older than me such that we never played against each other. anyway, i was going through that collection and stopped when i saw this card.
that's his 1996 upper deck collector's choice card, featuring a dugout shot of the third baseman.  the guy he is looking at also wore number 23 for a chicago team, and i am not talking about ryne sandberg. it is michael jordan, of course, making this a new addition to my lurker collection.

there's currently no premium on this card, but i would think this would be a bigger deal than a couple of murderers showing up in the background of a card, right?


  1. First Sandberg was caught lurking on Reggie Smith's 83T card... not MJ on Ventura's. Must be the #23 and Chicago.

  2. Not to glorify the Melendez twins, but a fan (or any non-player) showing up on a card is a much greater odd than say a teammate or opposing player. Still, I agree with you and personally think that the people who did or are currently paying a premium (more than 10 cents!!) for that Mark Jackson card needs to have their heads checked.

    1. Hah, misspelled their name. Serves them right! And now that I think about it, were they even twins? I know they were brothers, but not sure about the twins part.