Wednesday, July 4, 2018

sorting out my non-dodger tommy lasorda collection

since returning to the dodgers in the late 1950's, tommy lasorda has remained loyal to the organization. he has bled dodger blue and paid homage to the big dodger in the sky.  there were rumors at one point back in the 1980's about him going to manage the yankees of all teams, but there was no truth there.  the only team that has successfully enticed lasorda to shed his dodger duds has been team usa.

tommy successfully managed team usa to gold in the 2000 olympics, and, as a result, he has a few cards showing him in the 'other' red, white, and blue uniforms.  like the primary starters from the team of my youth, i collect tommy's post-dodger cards which means i have a few cards that are appropriate for posting today.

the first card of this collection is tommy's 2000 upper deck victory card (not shown), but upper deck has revisited that gold medal winning team a few times, including in 2004 in their usa baseball release
this is actually primarily a doug mientkiewicz card (that's dougie with his hat on backwards), but the manager of the team is present as well (i think that is ben sheets to tommy's left, and mike neill to tommy's right).  mientkiewicz once told me that tommy almost got the team into a fight, and that there was a movie in the works about the 2000 usa baseball team until the recession came around.

here's a card from panini's 2013 usa baseball set
this is a 'gold medal' parallel, numbered to 25

and here is an insert from the same set, assigning 'diamond king' status to lasorda
tommy's love of country may actually exceed his love of the dodgers. and pasta.

there aren't too many of these cards that i need, but i do need some - here's the list.

happy 4th!

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  1. I saw someone have a Team USA Lasorda autograph at the show I attended two weekends ago. I thought about grabbing it for a second, but it was a sticker autograph :(