Wednesday, July 11, 2018

now batting .667 with dave roberts and the usps

last year i had a near-ttm success with dave roberts. i sent another card midseason and then again during spring training.  they both showed up with the envelopes intact last month.
one got smudged, but that's ok.

i had received signed cards from roberts before, but i really want this manager card signed. i now have signed managerial cards from all of the los angeles dodger managers except bill russell. even though he has signed a number of cards for me, i failed to send a mother's card of him as the manager before he stopped signing through the mail.

thanks doc!


  1. Very cool. Hope you're able to add get a Russell autographed managers card one day. Is he still involved with MLB or with a minor league team?

  2. I recently got that same Roberts card back after sending it out near the end of last season. Very pleased with that success.