Thursday, June 21, 2018

a short printed dodger stadium card falls short

i had my eye out from the get go last year for david ortiz final tribute cards.  in addition to looking out for my mini-collection, he and i arrived in minnesota at about the same time, and so i had followed his career with a fair amount of interest.  i soon discovered, as did all collectors, that topps was up to its variation shenanigans with ortiz's final card.  most were easily ignored by me, but i did want the card that showed ortiz in dodger stadium.

over a year later, i was able to procure one for a decent price.
unfortunately, the photo selection is underwhelming.  still, it is dodger stadium in the background, and the card will go in the dodger stadium binder rather than the final tribute one.

i did add a different final tribute for big papi to the collection, however - his 2017 topps chrome card
complete with truncated year-by-year stats on the back
ortiz was 0 for 6 lifetime at chavez ravine, with a walk and a strikeout. i would count this card as a swing and a miss for both ortiz and dodger stadium.


  1. Don't tell me Topps made an Ortiz variation for every opposing team/park. Kinda of a bummer that there wasn't a better photo for his Dodger Stadium finale but at least you were able to add this to your collection.

  2. I thought maybe the Topps Archives set had his whole career, but it doesn't show his MIN stats. The Topps Heritage base has his full stats, but the photo isn't as good as the Archives or Topps flagship..