Wednesday, June 27, 2018

a marlins memorial patch for the pride of bayamo

from their inception in 1993 up until april of 2017, the marlins' spanish broadcasts had been handled by rafael 'felo' ramirez, a cuban born announcer who had been calling sports since 1945.  he passed away in august of 2017, prompting the marlins to add a memorial patch to their right sleeve.

the marlins were already wearing a patch on their chests for teammate jose fernandez who passed away near the end of the 2016 season, so the felo patch - a microphone with 'felo' superimposed upon it - went on their sleeve above the all-star game patch.

i picked up a 2017 topps now card of jt realmuto that shows both memorial patches
and then pulled this giancarlo stanton card from 2018 topps that shows the felo patch as well.
i also pulled this dillon peters card from 2018 topps gypsy queen that shows the patch.
i think i'll keep the peters card in my memorials binder.

ramirez, also known as 'the pride of bayamo', announced games in puerto rico and venezuela for decades, to go along with his years of all-star game and world series work for latin american stations.  he received the ford c. frick award from the baseball hall of fame in 2001.  he was 94 years old when he passed.

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