Wednesday, September 21, 2016

who was i and why am i here?

jeff at 2x3 heroes (one of my favorite trading partners) is holding a contest that requires entrants to make custom cards of themselves using a topps template. however, the photo used must be of the subject, less than 16 years of age and playing baseball.  luckily, i have many such photos.  and, to make jeff's life easier, i am posting my entry on this brand spanking new blog of mine.
i used the 1986 topps all-star subset design first since the photo i used comes from 1986. i was on the travelling babe ruth all-star team that year. i played mostly second base, but was also used as a closer from time to time which is weird when you think about it as second basemen usually don't have an arm.  i could throw strikes, though, and i had an ok spinner as my coach called it. anyway, i wound up pitching the final inning of one of our games and kept the score tied. then, in the bottom of the frame, i hit a walk-off double.

while the card above shows me leaving the batter's box on my way to second, i used the 1985 topps all-star subset design for another card showing me on the mound in the top of the inning.
not pictured is the 1984 nlcs steve garvey fist raise as i rounded first, as my dad was enjoying the moment rather than taking a bunch of pictures.

now, with the completion of frankendodger, i figured i might as well have a place to write about cards when the mood strikes (and it has struck once or twice), so here we are.  i'll post infrequently, or frequently if i choose, and i'll write about whatever card inspires me to write. it might be a card i see online or one that i come across from my collection or maybe even one that comes to me as part of a trade package.

that's a not very subtle hint.

thanks in advance for reading these posts, such as they will be.


  1. It's nice to see you back with another blog up and running already.

  2. Great card Jim. I too played second base in high school. Played in college but mostly at short and pitched. Could throw quite hard as I got older. Couldn't throw a good "spinner" but could throw the knuckle ball.

  3. I wish I had some action photos from my youth. I have maybe 1 pose per year in uniform, typically in my house or on the porch and that was it!