Monday, September 26, 2016

not what i was hoping for, but it still helps

readers of one of my other blogs - frankendodger - might recall that i was hoping for topps heritage high numbers to have a dodger at number 718 on the checklist. this would have allowed me to remove from the frankenset the 1992 fleer checklist that currently holds that spot.  unfortunately, topps did not cooperate.

instead, ross stripling will replace mike sharperson's 1990 target card at number 720.  the target cards were my last defense against empty spots in the frankenset, and i am happy to reduce the number of cards from that set in the monster.

i bought a 20-pack of the high number cards at target last wednesday (using my $1 off coupon found in a blaster of series 2), and actually pulled a black border version of the stripling card.
now i just need one more of those or two of the regular stripling card to make the update to the frankenset.  help would be appreciated, and as always, you will be rewarded.

as for the other dodgers in the set, let's compare them against the frankendodger cards.

528 scott kazmir vs. 1993 topps stadium club eric karros
529 enrique hernandez vs. 1994 fleer steve wilson
553 joe blanton vs. 2007 topps ramon martinez
560 charlie culberson vs. 1980 topps dave lopes
574 bud norris vs. 2009 topps heritage national convention roy campanella
575 howie kendrick vs. 1974 topps steve garvey
600 julio urias vs. 1988 score fernando valenzuela
701 kenta maeda vs. 1990 upper deck jim gott

i see a bunch of draws and at least three or four spots where there is no question that the heritage card falls short.  so, it looks like only the stripling card will make the frankenset.  look for an updated post over there at some point.

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