Sunday, November 26, 2023

talkin' about which generation, now?

i realized after going through some 2009 cards recently that there aren't too many new ideas when it comes to card inserts. back in 2007, topps issued some "generation now" inserts in flagship
and chrome
and they also put a "generation now arrives" insert in flagship with a totally different design
for some reason. these inserts are all seared in to my brain.

what i didn't recall was that in 2009, upper deck released a "generation now" insert set and i actually had the josh hamilton card
in a monster box of other forgotten cards. i quickly sought out some dodgers, including russell martin
who also appeared in the 2007 topps insert set as seen up top, and manny ramirez
who was really from a different generation but was still "now" i guess. he could be in any insert set any company wanted him to be in after his 2008 partial season with the dodgers. my goodness. there are at least a dozen players, including martin, who appear in both the 2007 topps and 2009 upper deck sets.

last year topps took another shot at a "generation now" insert set, again in flagship 
and chrome
and update as well. in fact, that bo bichette card is from 2022 topps chrome update.

at least topps waited 15 years before redoing the set - that's a decent amount of time between generations in baseball terms. looking forward to 2037 topps and a new crop of generation now players!


  1. Wow. I did not know Manny was a Dodger.

  2. I bet whoever works at Topps these days making those kinds of decisions wasn't even aware that they had made Generation Now inserts previously. Maybe I'm just being cynical, though.

  3. Those '07 Topps Generation Nows were some of the first cards where I remember thinking "Wow, this is dumb" when I pulled them as a younger collector. I'm glad the hobby escaped that weird, brief trend of massive, unnecessary & just flat-out dull sets (UD Documentary, Topps Moments & Milestones, etc.).

  4. Topps actually dedicated some serious research to those Topps Generation Now inserts from the 2000's, but it still seemed like a silly insert set. The lone A's subject was Nick Swisher... who they produced a ton of cards for. Can't even imagine Swisher fans were excited about collecting all of those. Never seen (or don't remember) seeing the Upper Deck inserts before.