Monday, May 29, 2023

the k is for kershaw kountdown - palindrome version!

yes, the kountdown to 3,000 strikeouts for clayton kershaw continues (the most recent post is here) as he pitched against the rays on saturday. he struck out 6 batters to give him 75 strikeouts on the season. those 6 rays that he k'd increased his career total to 2,882.

in honor of his performance, here are 6 cards to represent strikouts 2,877 through 2,882.

2,877 - 2012 bowman blue parallel

2.878 - 2014 bowman platinum

2,879 - 2016 bowman chrome

2,880 - 2018 bowman platinum platinum presence

2,881 - 2020 topps chrome pink refractor

2.882 - 2022 topps commemorative jersey number medallion

kershaw remains in 21st place on the all-time leader board, and will remain there until he passes zack greinke, who struck out 5 earlier in the week to increase his strikeout total to 2,923. kershaw is now 41 k's behind greinke and 118 behind the 3,000 milestone. 

it would seem that kershaw's next start would come later this week - likely against the yankees at dodger stadium! there was a lot of talk about that series from the fans at the games i attended a couple of weeks ago. regardless of when he makes his next start, i will be back to update the kountdown soon thereafter. stay tuned!


  1. 118 with 2/3 of the season left! Hope he reaches it this year.

  2. Hope he gets that start versus the Yankees... and reaches double digit K's for the first time this season. Let's go Kershaw!