Wednesday, March 29, 2023

does it mean a thing if it ain't got that ring?

"it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

even if you believe that old adage, attributed to grantland rice, to be true, i believe that most dodger fans were disappointed with the outcome of the 2022 season. 111 wins in the regular season but an early exit (at the hands of the padres, no less) in the postseason was not the outcome hoped for or even expected.

in my lifetime, the dodgers have won eight pennants and three world series championships. in 1990, panini gave me stickers to commemorate the first two titles - 1981
and 1988
in 2021, there were a couple of cards that used this photo of clayton kershaw showing off his 2020 ring
this card is from 2021 stadium club chrome.

i had hoped to see some 2023 cards celebrating the dodgers as world champions, and i will hope to see some 2024 cards doing the same. it's a hope i have every year - a hope and not an expectation. i do think the dodgers, thanks to the departures of some key 2022 contributors, are primed for a down year by their standards, but we know that their front office will make a move at the trade deadline to enhance their chances of playing in the postseason. 

i hope it happens, but please, with the new season kicking off tomorrow, at least beat the padres. and the giants. and the rockies. and the diamondbacks. so yeah, win the division and then bring the ring.

seeing the season end with your team's catcher heading out to the mound to celebrate with the pitcher
is the best. and yes, i know that julio urias card features a photo taken just after the last out of the 2020 nlcs, but you get the idea.

play ball!


  1. Nice post title...

    I can sympathize - my Yankees are always in contention, there's bits of hope each year, and then... nada. Their glory days came before I was old enough to care so I don't even have memories...

  2. For what it's worth, the Dodgers are my pick to win the World Series this year. Though I should also mention that I don't think I've ever correctly guessed the WS winner in my lifetime.

  3. It does look like the Dodgers are slowing down a bit but I'm hoping that they're just shedding their oldest players and some payroll to make a run at Shohei Ohtani in the off-season :O

  4. I remember those ring stickers like it was yesterday.

  5. Looking forward to the day when Padres fans have ring cards to collect :D