Tuesday, June 13, 2017

i found some series 2 cards this morning

i had not seen 2017 topps archives in stores until this morning when i found myself in a suburban target store.  there was archives, right next to the series 2 cards.  i ignored the archives and bought a couple of packs of series 2 (kershaw on the wrapper!) and came away with only two dodgers.  

one of the boys in blue is this all-time all-star insert of clayton kershaw
and the other was this photoshopped logan forsythe rainbow foil parallel
after seeing the pirates' team card
in the first pack i opened, i was hoping to find the dodgers' team card to see if it uses as great of a photo.  i did not get that card, but i did find an image online, and i was very pleased to see that topps used a photo of the 2016 nl west champions saluting vin scully after the division-clinching win in the home finale.

i also see that finest dropped today, and there is something called topps inception that has also appeared.  nothing like flooding the market.  still, it looks like series 2 has some decent base and insert cards (even if steve garvey was left out of the all-star game mvp insert set), and if other coaches are showing up on cards like gene lamont on the pirates card above, i want more.


  1. I'm a sucker for the team cards. The Pirates one is pretty cool this year.

  2. Inception has been out for about three or four weeks... long enough for me to slowly cherry pick all the Vogelbach autos. :)
    Man, I do really like that photo used for the Pirates team card. Thanks for sharing!