Thursday, April 20, 2017

my favorite card, no contest (but really, a contest)

everyone's favorite darryl strawberry collector is running a contest - all you have to do is post about your favorite card of your favorite player (as long as that card is worth less than $15 - i'm looking at you, bob walk the plank guy).  for me, this is a no-brainer.  my favorite player is/was steve garvey, and my favorite card is his 1978 topps card.
i've written about this card quite a bit in the past, so i won't spend a lot of time on it here.  it's the first garvey card that i ever saw, ever coveted, and ever owned, and it has stood the test of time.  it is such a great card that it doesn't even matter that there is a big power line transmission pole in the background.

thanks for the contest peter!


  1. The transmission pole is a metaphor for all the power Garvey supplies in the lineup!

  2. I would have been disappointed if there wasn't a big power line transmission pole behind him! My wife and I pick strawberry's (real, not Darryl) at a farm bisected by these huge electrical towers and they are the bbbbzzzzz-best. Excellent card and post. Thanks for playing!!!!!

  3. Any idea where the photo was taken? Kinda reminds me of some random park or a Little League field.

    1. somewhere in dodgertown, vero beach. but, yeah, i could relate to the locale as a little leaguer back in the late 70's.