Monday, February 27, 2017

a memorial patch for dewsy

longtime braves coach bobby dews passed away in december of 2015.  the braves wore a memorial patch during spring training the following year in his honor.  you can see the patch on this 2016 topps chrome hector olivera card
many sources reported that the braves would wear the patch during the regular season as well, but i was unable to find photos or cards from regular season play showing the patch. instead, the team wore patches noting the final season of turner field at home, and apparently no patches on the road.

dews was a minor league player and manager in the cardinals' system (where he managed a young scott boras, among others) before joining the braves in 1974.  he held several positions in the organization, but spent much of his 40-plus years with the club coaching at the big league level.  dews was also an author of a couple of books, and was seemingly universally liked and respected by those who knew him.  he was 76 years old when he died,

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