Tuesday, January 31, 2017

a day early and some dodgers short

stopped by a target store this afternoon and found some 2017 topps.  the blaster and value box that i picked up were short on dodgers - this is what i pulled in terms of the boys in blue:

chase utley, jose deleon, and corey seager
two of which are no longer dodgers.

i did also get this scott van slyke card (it's nice to see svs out of update and in to the regular set for a change)
 that looks different and is numbered to 50 on the back
i guess that is called a 'powder blue father's day' parallel according to cardboard connection.

i'm pretty sick of 1987 topps, but it's back to celebrate its 30th anniversary. i did get a joc pederson card from the insert set
so it's not all bad, i guess.

also found a couple of cards for my other collections, such as this michael wacha card featuring dodger stadium as a backdrop
 and the david ortiz final tribute card
that i was disappointed to see only had five years of stats on the back because, hey, we need to know what his twitter and instagram handles are.
 i did pull a 1954 topps hank aaron card!
too bad it's just an advertisement for topps - here's the back
not much more of note came from these packs.  i did pull quite a few of the award inserts, but none of corey seager or dave roberts, unfortunately.

get thee to your big box stores - 2017 topps just might be waiting for you!


  1. Checked my Target today, but no 2017 Topps yet. The fronts are better than last year, although that's not saying a whole lot. I absolutely hate the fractured career stats on the backs, because apparently Topps thinks we care about Scott Van Slyke's Twitter handle. I, too, am experiencing some '87 Topps overload even though it's one of my all-time favorite Topps designs.

    If you happened to pull any of the "Salute" inserts, I'm thinking of building that insert set.

    1. Let me know if you decide to after you see them. Not the most attractive cards in my opinion.

  2. At least we seem to be done with those awful honeycomb parallels from last year.

  3. I too tried to find some early packs at the local big box store, but no dice. in fact, they have a track record of being quit elate around here, so I might yet have to wait until next week.

    Also, at least their advertisement is still somewhat collectible when they blend it with a reprint card?

  4. I like the photo selection I've seen so far and the cropping isn't bad... although why couldn't they center SVS a little bit so that his elbow isn't chopped off?

  5. They look better than last year's. I hated the smoke. I may be the only one who likes the ESPN-ish design.

  6. Dodgers numbered to 50...hmmm...I'll have to try a pack or two.

  7. Glad you found some. I may order a hobby box. Been a while since I've opened a non retail flagship box.