Saturday, September 26, 2020

here are some cards featuring a game i attended

tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of my first (and to date, only) game taken in at pac bell at&t oracle whatever park. the home of the san francisco giants.

that day, september 27, 2003, featured the visiting dodgers with a 20-year old rookie on the hill against barry bonds and his band of defending national league champions.  i've written about the game before as part of my hall of famer collection post featuring bonds, so i won't go in to any real detail here.  this post is more about the cards.

there was no topps now back then, but in 2004 i did get a few cards that reminded me of my time spent at the ballpark.  that game happened to be edwin jackson's only appearance in san francisco during the 2003 season, as well as just his 3rd career start, and several of his cards featured photos from that outing.  take a look:

2004 topps #689 edwin jackson/greg miller prospects
it's hard to tell, i suppose, but the giants' stadium has a distinctive brick arch background that shows up on a ton of pitchers' cards. the same goes for this card, but it is more visible on some of the others, as you will see.

2004 topps etopps #19 edwin jackson #/3655
the background is a little blurry, but the placard behind jackson is the "hit water win $500" sign sponsored by old navy that used to be in right-center. it was to the left of the "splash down" sign featuring the count of home runs hit in to mccovey cove just outside of fair territory down the right field line.

2004 upper deck #369 edwin jackson
that photo was taken from a slightly different angle than the etopps photo.

2004 upper deck first pitch #275 edwin jackson
this one is probably my favorite of the bunch as you can see a bit of the crowd and more of the "hit water" sign.  here's the back of the card
it doesn't mention the game in san francisco, but it does address his arrival to the majors in september of 2003, and reminds me that he debuted on his 20th birthday, meaning he just turned 37 a couple of weeks ago.  happy belated birthday, edwin jackson!

images from that game were still used in 2005 as evidenced by this 2005 upper deck origins card
not a bad shot, and i'm glad that it was used.

since this was my only visit to the stadium, i'll also go ahead and share the card that represents it in my "stadiums i've seen games in" mini-collection
that's from 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee.

finally, here's a picture of yours truly with barry bonds (he's in left field) from that day.
i wore my dodger hat and got zero grief from the home crowd. it was nice.

jackson had been in camp with the diamondbacks this past spring, but i am not aware of him being with any team at the moment. he's had a long (and well traveled) career, and i was happy to see him pitch in person 17 years ago tomorrow!

in case you haven't guessed, i've got a mini-collection going of cards featuring games that i've attended, and i'll address the next one in a couple of weeks.

stay tuned.

Friday, September 25, 2020

another round of almost free stuff friday

with apologies to night owl for lifting one of his intros, (and if the internet is to be believed), today is comic book day. i was a pretty big comic collector in the mid-80's to early 90's and still have a very strong teen titans collection, including dc presents #26. i do not, however, have any comic book related cards. except this one
that 1990 impel marvel wolverine/patch card and all others in this post are available to you. in the spirit of the 'free card friday' movement that jon started and brian and rod and chris (and several others) have expanded upon, i am offering up these cards - with a catch.

similar to the nachos grande trade stack, i am going to ask that you send me a card from my want list in return. you can choose to claim up to 9 cards from this post (to keep shipping at pwe-level) in exchange for at least one from my want list.  just claim the card(s) you want in the comments below and they will be reserved for you. email me your address and i will send the cards to you. i will trust that you will send me at least one card in return. easy enough, and this should keep the 'something for nothing' folks that we've all dealt with at bay. 

and, while 1984 fleer dave kingman will sit in silent judgement of your selections,
don't be shy. unclaimed cards will go back in to the boxes from whence they came and/or the sportlots inventory. i make no claims about condition, but all cards have been scanned for your scrutiny, if you so desire.

here are the rest of the cards available for you to claim - what's your preference?

do you want some stadium club?

2015 orlando cepeda
2015 joe dimaggio - claimed
2015 willie stargell
2016 byron buxton
2019 kris bryant
2019 lorenzo cain
2020 barry larkin
2020 felix hernandez - claimed
2020 keston hiura
2020 john means
2020 will clark
2020 tyler glasnow
2020 kyle hendricks
2020 andrew mccutchen - claimed
2020 gio urshela
2020 adalberto mondesi
2020 bryan reynolds - claimed
2020 lorenzo cain
2020 brandon woodruff - claimed
2020 marcus semien - claimed
2020 george brett
2020 ryne sandberg - claimed

maybe vintage is more your speed? astroth, courtney, mcdougald, fornieles, smith - claimed
vintage dodgers, including the unibrow, an icon, and a world series mvp? moon, gilliam - claimed
i tried to convince myself that jim gilliam signed that card, but it just looks like someone used the card to get the ink going.

how about vintage managers? lopat, alston, keane, schultz - claimed
i'm glad gardy chose to retire as the tigers' manager to take care of his health rather than pass away while still in the role chuck dressen and gil hodges did.

maybe you'd like some other vintage? ken mackenzie - claimed
1969 topps jc martin - claimed
1969 topps ken harrelson claimed
you can put that (or any other) card in your collection, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!

1970 topps - rbi leaders claimed
1971 topps rookie stars astros and indians - both claimed
1972 topps - clay carroll and clay caroll in action claimed
featuring duke snider as an expo coach which is cool.
maybe some inserts?
2017 topps lucas giolito - claimed
walker buehler claimed
walker buehler claimed
parallels? as in 2000 pacific ruby - brian hunter claimed
mark teixeira for some reason?
some numbered cards?
how about some legends? drysdale - claimed
a hall of very good famer?
a card with fake stats?
a card featuring a tampa bay devil ray as a brewer in cincinnati (i think)?
that was one of my favorite cards back in 2006.

a game header card?
do you like broder cards? john olerud claimed
maybe you like basketball?

or hockey stickers?
blackhawks retired numbers - claimed
perhaps you prefer non-sports....

2015 topps star wars chrome darth maul
and m-f'in mace windu
2016 topps heritage news flashbacks elvis presley wedding
2013 topps heritage news flashback jeopardy!
hopefully something for everyone, so claim away in the comments below. and, if you are still reading, go ahead and list a team or mini-collection that you seek out cards for, and i may be able to add some to your pwe.