Wednesday, July 26, 2017

there may be no 'i' in team, but there are dodgers of my youth on team cards

a while back, i showed the 2001 topps tampa bay devil rays team card because it features the shortstop of the team of my youth, bill russell, on it as a coach.  russell is not the only player from the team of my youth to appear on team cards in a coaching or managerial capacity, so i figured that equal time was due.  charlie hough should be on the mets' 2002 team card as he was their 2001 pitching coach, but i wasn't able to verify that, so i'll stick with davey lopes and dusty baker for this post.  also, i apologize in advance for some seriously crooked scans.

lopes first appeared on a team card in 2000, courtesy of this fleer tradition padres team card.  he's the fourth guy in a padres jersey from the right.
i'm realizing now that i should have circled lopes in photoshop before posting these cards, but oh well. generally, lopes will be the shortest guy in the front row.

here's the 2001 topps brewers card, which features lopes as the team's manager. he's right above the brewers' logo, so the short guy in the front row approach proves true.
more of the same in 2002 topps
but that was the end of line for lopes in milwaukee.  in 2004, lopes was back on the padres' team card
he's second from the right in the front row there, but moved to fourth from the right for the 2005 topps team card
and he's even further to the right (closer to the left) on the 2006 topps padres team card
lopes left san diego and joined the washington nationals' coaching staff in 2006, and so showed up on the 2007 topps team card
and 2007 topps heritage team card, too
both featuring the same photo.

from there, lopes joined the phillies' coaching staff and was on the 2010 team card in topps heritage
although he did not get the 'hands on knees' memo

lopes finished up his run of team card appearances to date with the phillies' 2011 topps heritage card
since then, lopes has been the first base coach for the dodgers and now the nationals, but with the way topps does team cards these days, he has been absent from the flagship and heritage sets.

dusty baker's team card appearances follows the same arc, mostly because that's when the team cards were reintroduced to card sets.  so, here are dusty's cards... manager of the giants in 2000 fleer tradition
2001 topps
2002 topps
and 2003 topps, which featured dusty on his last card as the giants' manager
he had to wait until 2005 topps to be featured on the cubs' team card as their manager
and unlike the padres, the cubs got a team card in 2005 heritage as well
2006 topps
the cubs' heritage love continued in 2006, too
2007 topps
and, what do you know, 2007 topps heritage
and 2008 topps heritage
as well.

dusty moved on to manage the reds and so was featured once again in topps heritage in 2009
and 2012
like lopes, dusty is with the nationals these days (as their skipper), but unlike lopes, baker also had managerial cards of his own during this run.

Monday, July 24, 2017

this one is not so bad, but still, avert your eyes because it has friends

my fascination with cut autos, and tristar signa cuts in particular, struck again in the form of a purchase of this 2008 tristar signa cut card of steve garvey
which features a chopped-up 1981 fleer card that he signed.  it looks more familiar on its side
even though garvey's signature lines up well with the card's orientation thanks to his penchant for signing cards vertically.

there has been a recent uptick in rare-ish garvey cards being posted on ebay lately.  in the span of a week, there were three different cut auto cards from 2014 leaf history of baseball listed.  i wound up with one of them that features a nice blue signature on a black & white photo
i thought i knew the photo that this came from, but i was wrong. i was thinking it was one of the team promo shots used on the 1982 builder's emporium 8x10 giveaway, but it is not.
another cut auto that i picked up is from something called 2013 historic autographs the decades - 1970's.
i've seen these before, but hadn't picked one up until now.  the cut auto is surrounded by 1970's references, including a misspelled thurman munson ("munsen") reference.  the auto comes from a signed cachet, but not this one commemorating garvey's 1000th consecutive game, 
nor is it this one from garvey's 1,118th consecutive game
which features billy williams during a postgame ceremony. this was a game that i attended, by the way.  instead, the cut auto comes from this cachet
which fetes the same milestone event.

last, but not least, is a cut auto from 2016 panini prime cuts harmon killebrew card
i think the design of this card is outstanding with the photo selection panini used and the way it's paired with the 1996 mlb alumni card. this strengthens my opinion that not all cut auto cards are abominations!

Friday, July 21, 2017

journey to the bottom of the box and other killer tales of trading

i've made quite a few trades over the last few months, and i dutifully began drafting trade posts for each transaction.  failing to publish these posts has led me to consolidate and use this singular post to get caught up. almost. it began innocently enough, but i have added more and more trades to the post, and so this has been over two months in the making. time to hit 'publish'

jt at the writer's journey sent a few dodgers my way, including a 1989 fleer kirk gibson box bottom card
which was great because i'm trying to kill 1989 from my want lists once and for all.  other cards included in the pwe were a 2016 topps holiday adrian gonzalez
and some 2016 topps bunt dodgers - koufax, joc, and julio urias

i requested a block of 2016 topps stadium club from 2x3 heroes as part of his annual card purge, and jeff obliged.

here's brock holt doing his steve holt (steve holt!) impression
a nice derek norris tattooine card
and one from peter o'brien as well
and finally a freddy galvis double play
jeff also included some dodgers, like this 2016 topps national baseball card day corey seager card
and this 2016 topps museum club yasiel puig parallel
not to be outdone, i received a great pwe from brian of waxaholic, which included three base dodger cards from that set, including puig
with kenley jansen and joc pederson along for the ride.

also included were cards from 2017 topps archives, such as this clayton kershaw card
and the manny mota autographed card!
plus, brian included a relic of triple-crown line king, marcel dionne
i've pared down my hockey collection to largely a luc robitaille collection, but dionne, in the purple forum blue jersey, will have a place.

p-town tom sent me a bunch of dodger cards, many of which featured rookies of the year

1997 topps jackie robinson
2001 fleer focus joe black roy collection
1993 topps gold mike piazza
1993 topps traded mike piazza
now, that 1993 topps traded card was one of the most highly anticipated cards for a dodger collector since, perhaps, the 1988 topps traded kirk gibson card.  topps didn't disappoint, with what looks like a shea stadium home run, but i was also looking forward to piazza's 1994 topps card.  topps took the lazy route for that one
they used a photo from the same play, and one that was not as interesting.  that's the gold parallel version, by the way.

continuing on with roys, here's a 1995 fleer ultra raul mondesi card
and a 1996 fleer ultra hideo nomo card
tom - you can go ahead and send me all of your corey seager and cody bellinger cards, too.

speaking of roys, colbey at cardboard collections has a recurring "free cards" segment, and i was able to snag this 1997 fleer circa todd hollandsworth fast track insert
which features a felt surfaced green background for some reason.  four years later, upper deck gave us the most well known felt set with the 2001 legends of new york release.

more roy action from jon at a penny sleeve for your thoughts.  he loaded up the package with rauuuuuul featuring cards from 1996 leaf steel
this one is a promo
and here's a 1998 leaf anniversary card featuring mondesi's 1992 gold leaf rookie card reimagined as a fractal matrix card
the 90's were strange times

jon also added a few pacific cards - 1996 pacific crown collection gold crown die-cut
1998 pacific revolution
(that's the base card!), and 1998 pacific revolution showstoppers
gavin at baseball card breakdown also brought the pacific, but in the form of a 2000 kevin brown serial numbered parallel
plus he sent another serial numbered card, this one a 2011 topps tier one jackie robinson card
gavin also sent a bunch of customs of mine that he prepped and printed for which i am very grateful.  and then, i received my cards from his big fun game which included a couple of doug fister cards
along with some other items such as the gold surfer parallel of the beach boys' dodger stadium card
and some customs of gavin's own making - cody bellinger
and a diff'rent strokes reggie jackson/gary coleman mini
just because he could, i suppose.

more custom goodness, this time courtesy of gio from when topps had (base)balls.  this was not really a trade in the standard cards-for-cards sense, but i did purchase gio's 1978 topps custom booklet which featured his take on a 1978 topps brooks robinson card that should have been
it is very well done.

peter at baseball every night sent me a sandy koufax card from 2017 topps archives
and i hit him back with a 1995 topps john kruk card.  sounds unfair to me, but i think he was pleased!

night owl continues to send me some of his hand-me-downs, including a 1977 dover reprint of willie davis's 1969 topps card
i had the dover reprint pages that covered the 1909-11 t206, 1933 goudey, playball, and other releases, but i did not know dover was reprinting modern cards at the time.

here's a 2013 panini hometown heroes card of shawn green
it's the gold parallel of his curtain call insert which celebrates his historic day at the plate on may 23, 2002 in milwaukee - a game which i attended, i am happy to say.  i don't recall green giving a curtain call since it was in milwaukee, but i was busy high-fiving my friend and others around us after the fourth home run, so i don't really recall for sure.

some other cards night owl included were of help in my quest to finish the 2016 topps allen & ginter numbers game insert set (i still need a few, by the way).  two of the cards allow us to play another installment of "quien es mas macho?"

both rollie fingers
and felix hernandez
are in the set with their number 34.

the back of the fingers card lists other greats to have worn 34
as does the back of hernandez's card
with the difference being that fingers is named on the back of the hernandez card, while hernandez is not named on the back of the fingers card. for this battle, i will say that rollie fingers es mas macho.

i'm writing this part of the post on may 3 while watching the dodgers play the giants.  vin scully was inducted into the dodgers' ring of honor before the game, julio urias held the giants scoreless through five innings, and pedro baez has done the same through 2/3 of the sixth inning.  so, i'm in a good enough mood to give thanks to one of the blogosphere's best giant fans.

mr. haverkamp sent me some cards as he has done in the past, but this time there were no dodgers.  instead, he took a swing at my 1972 topps set.  he did better than harmon killebrew, who looks to have popped up a pitch on his in action card
i would say that the cards sent my way went for extra bases, as there were two league leader cards. one featured killebrew and two future dodgers
and the other featured tony o, a future giant, and possibly the best known merv not named griffin
next up is a boyhood photo of willie stargell as a baseball player
no trout fishin' or accordion playin' for pops.

tony perez was another card that i needed
and was reminded instantly of the days of the big red machine squaring off against the big blue wrecking crew even though perez was an expo when i started following the game.

the last of the 1972's to show here is dodger nemesis jose cruz
cruz hit .286 against the dodgers over his career, most of which was spent with the astros.  as a kid, i would have thought that he was batting over .400 against them.  he always seemed to be on base. i remember listening to a game in which he hit a game ending home run to beat the dodgers and had already accepted it as fate before he actually hit the ball.

jim also sent a couple of cards for my 2002 topps 206 set build, one of which being the team 206 larry walker card
larry looks like someone just told him that they thought mike piazza should have been the mvp in 1997. i'd like to believe that, but walker had some ridiculous numbers that year - better than piazza's - even though he didn't win the batting title with a .366 average (tony gwynn hit .372)!

thanks to mr. haverkamp and all the others for the great cards! i'm still in a good mood because the dodgers are up 1-0 now, and ross stripling struck out the side in the top of the 7th! go dodgers!

since i failed to hit publish on the 3rd, i can report now that my mood turned as the dodgers went and lost the game in 11 innings.  still, i am happy to have complete all of these trades! thanks for the cards!

ps - i waited so long to post this that mr. haverkamp sent me another envelope with a couple of goodies - this 2016 topps allen & ginter joc pederson mini
and this 1981 topps ron cey collcting box
you've probably seen it already on another blog, but it's a cool enough item of a member of the infield of my youth to show here as well.

thanks again mr. haverkamp and all of my trading partners!