Monday, January 9, 2017

a memorial patch for yogi berra that spanned two seasons

as if 2016 weren't bad enough regarding the passing of icons of various genres, the yankees wore their yogi berra memorial patch (berra's retired number 8) on their sleeve for the entire 2016 season.  this was done even though berra passed away in 2015, and the team had worn the patch during the last weeks of that season, too.

here's a 2016 topps heritage yankees team card that shows the patch during that short stretch of time from late september through october
and here's starlin castro's 2016 topps allen & ginter card showing the patch for the 2016 season
now, given berra's stature as a yankee - 10 world series rings, 3 mvp awards, 1 al pennant as their manager, etc - i fully understand the team's decision to honor him during the 2016 season.  on a similar note, i am assuming that the marlins will have some sort of armband or memorial for jose fernandez in 2017 since he died so late in the 2016 season.  i appreciate the fact that teams recognize the passing of key members of their franchises, whether it be players, coaches, or front office or other team personnel just as i appreciate retired numbers. i hope this collection of mine doesn't come across as some sort of morbid fascination, because there are going to be a few more posts like this over the next few days.

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  1. I like that teams do the patch thing as well. It is going to take the Marlins a long time to recover from the Fernandez death.