Sunday, January 8, 2017

chronicles of trading with fuji

living where i do, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up kurt suzuki cards, and when i do, i send them to fuji.  i recently sent a 2016 topps chrome blue atomic refractor suzuki card to fuji, as well as a 1991 topps desert shield rickey henderson card, and he returned the favor by sending me some dodger goodness.

leading things off is this 2015 topps pro debut alex verdugo distinguished debut card
baseball america hasn't reached the dodgers yet in their 2017 prospect rankings, but verdugo will be high on the list.  i am hoping that the dodgers don't go crazy trying to get brian dozier from the twins and add prospects like verdugo or cody bellinger to their offer.

other cards that fuji sent reminded me not to get my hopes up too high with verdugo, bellinger, or any of the other dodger prospects, because at one time, greg miller (seen here on his 2002 bowman chrome draft picks & prospects auto card)
thomari story-harden (seen here on his 2003 bowman chrome xfractor)
and jonathan meloan (seen here on his 2008 topps finest green refractor auto card)
were all highly regarded prospects.

one guy who did pan out for the dodgers was willie davis.  fuji and i recently completed a good ol' one-for-one straight up swap of 2015 topps original 1969 cards - my rick monday for his willie davis
3-dog is still high on the los angeles dodger career leaderboards in many categories, leading in hits, at-bats, and runs scored, among others, and i am still actively pursuing dodger buybacks from 2015, so this was a good pickup for my collection.

thanks as always for the trades fuji!

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