Wednesday, February 1, 2017

still watching for double play cards

i was excited to see that ozzie smith was turning two in the 2015 topps hallowed highlights insert set, and even more excited when i saw that his entry in that set was due to the fact that he was named the 1985 nlcs mvp.  dodger fans recall that series with great sorrow, but i thought there was a chance i would see dodger stadium and/or a familiar player trying to break up the dp turn.  this is what i got instead.
pretty sure that's a photo from the 1985 world series with a royals player sliding in.  way to connect subject matter with a photo once again, topps.  still, i picked up the card for my double play collection - i just didn't need multiple copies for my dodger stadium and/or dodger lurker collections.

i also finally got around to grabbing a 2010 topps ernie banks legends variation
and a 2011 topps gypsy queen cal ripken jr card
for the ol' dp binder.

there were a couple of cards in 2016 topps update that i sought out (there may be more double plays in the set - let me know if you know of any) like this twins all-star representative eduardo nunez
and new yankee starlin castro
somehow i missed out on having a 1991 leaf jody reed card, but that was corrected in a sportlots purchase sometime last year
while my black friday comc order included two copies of rafael furcal's 2011 topps chrome gold parallel
that's one for the dodger binder and one for the double play binder. kinda crazy, i know.

i also have two copies of this next card. one copy is in my 1965 topps set binder (still under construction), and the other is headed to the double play binder because of the back
ed brinkman could pivot!

i'm interested in seeing what 2017 brings in terms of double play turns (i know there is an addison russell one at least), so please keep me in mind when you come across any such cards. and check my have list to see if i am missing any others that you know of.  thanks in advance!


  1. Never seen the Ernie Banks card before. Very nice.

  2. By the time I became a Cubs fan Ernie Banks was already playing first. I sure wish I could have seen him at short. I don't even think there's much video.

  3. I loved watching Furcal throw the ball 8000 mph to first base.