Monday, February 20, 2017

once again, i urge you to avert your eyes!

i know i should look away from the cardboard destruction, but man, i really do like some of these tristar signa cuts.

this one is the latest addition to my collection
it's from 2008, and features rick monday's 1981 donruss card butchered almost beyond recognition. i do give kudos to the tristar person who made sure to leave the bulk of the 'dodger' text, though.

mo joins the likes of steve garvey, burt hooton, ralph branca, candy maldonado, mike scioscia (x2), steve sax, ron cey (solo and with steve yeager and pedro guerrero), and tommy john in my hall of horrors signa cut collection, and he won't be the last, i promise you that!

the monday card is numbered 04/25 and actually celebrates monday's claim to fame as the first ever player taken in an mlb draft. and, while that occurrence would be better paired with a card from his kansas city a's days, i'm happy to have another hacked up dodger auto in my collection.


  1. That's a chop job that makes Panini look good! (I like thank you Tristar.) Hall of Horrors - made me chuckle!

  2. Definitely horrifying, although less so as a Donruss card. I'm big on visual appeal, and I can't find any here unless I stare solely at the signature.

  3. Do the people at Tristar hate the Dodgers or what? I own exactly one Signa-Cuts card and it's of Steve Sax. The kicker? It's a signed white shipping label... not even a cut.

  4. I love it! Looks like an art and crafts project from a group of Kindergartners.