Wednesday, June 7, 2017

why i enjoy reading baseball card blogs

i've been reading baseball card blogs for over 10 years now, and i still enjoy seeing the various postings of fellow collectors.  sometimes, i will see a post that features a card of my favorite player, like this 2005 playoff prestige steve garvey card
that fuji found at a flea market a while back.  this particular version of the card is the red parallel, numbered to 25; a parallel that i did not have in my collection.  i asked fuji if he would part with it, and he agreed to do so with a blind trade.  that is awesome.

another blog that i read regularly is nick's dime boxes which always features a bunch of random, yet connected, cards.  one card that nick showed off a while back was this 1982 red lobster cubs bump wills card
there's a good chance that the expo on the card is tim raines, with scot thompson being the cubs' left fielder. nick and i both collect cards that show the double play, and so i was inspired to go and find this card to add to my collection.  while i was at it, i added a few more turns at second base, many of which i had seen around the blogosphere but had not gotten around to acquiring yet.

here's a 2015 topps update pete kozma
and the gold parallel version
i wish the dodgers had permanent murals like the cardinals do (and maybe the white sox?).

i always like to check out posts featuring new releases as it is a great way to see a variety of cards that may fit into my collection.  a couple of months ago, jeff at 2x3 heroes showed off a few cards from 2017 topps flagship that he had added to his double play collection, including jace peterson
and tim anderson.
i went over to sportlots and did the same, and i added anderson's 2017 topps opening day card
as well as dee gordon's
a few other double play cards that i've picked up recently include this 2017 topps heritage buster posey game card
along with a pair of 2015 topps original buybacks - 1976 topps bob sheldon
and derrel thomas
and a 2016 panini donruss andrelton simmons 1982 design insert
i'm pretty sure that's kiké hernandez sliding in, which would likely make this a card that features a dp turn from july 21, 2015 (austin barnes followed a hernandez single with a 4-6-3 double play grounder).

i don't recall which blog i saw this next card on, but it was quickly added to my sportlots order
that would be a 2017 panini donruss joe morgan 1983 design card featuring a photo of morgan batting in dodger stadium.  i believe that the catcher's glove most likely belongs to steve yeager, although it could be a host of other dodger backstops as well.

in addition to inspiring me to add cards to my collection, nick recently sent some cards my way, including another dodger stadium background card - 2016 topps stadium club justin turner
plus some other turners - 2016 topps allen & ginter base
and mini
and the same for alex wood
although the wood mini 
shows how topps rotated the image for wood's base card.

last card to show from nick is this 2016 topps holiday kenley jansen card
i would not have known that these snowflake cards existed had it not been for the blogs.  i guess you have to take the good with the bad.


  1. That Wills is sweet! Actually most of those double play cards are pretty awesome. Thanks again for the blind trade.

  2. Glad I could add a few Dodgers to your collection and inspire you to pick up that Bump Wills! It's definitely a beauty.

    Also, I just sent another package your way yesterday, so look for that to arrive soon.

  3. Nice post...hopefully you'll check out my blog if you haven't already.

  4. very nice of you to share cards from your fave blogs! i will be trading again soon and have some cards to send ya!

  5. Nice pick up of the Prestige Garvey. Is is one of the only cards from that set I was never able to find, unless I somehow missed it. I never knew what was "red" about it, until now.