Wednesday, June 14, 2017

another sterling steve

i recently acquired my third 2008 topps sterling steve garvey 1/1 patch card
yes, topps issued a number of 1/1 patch cards in the same release. in addition to the patches being unique, the card color was different, too.  this is the green one, i guess.  anyway, i like this card very much, even though it is from an away jersey and doesn't feature the red number.  even before it arrived in the mail, i spent a fair amount of time looking at it and trying to figure out in my head the location on the jersey from which the material was culled.  obviously, it is from the 'dodgers' script across the chest, but my first inclination of it being a part of the underline was quickly dismissed.  

i wound up finding an image of one of garvey's 1978 world series jerseys online (would love to have a card with the jim gilliam memorial patch included),
and it quickly became obvious that the patch on my card was from the capital 'd'
the first sterling patch card i picked up featured part of the number '6' on the back of the jersey, but the second
is from the underline, i'm pretty sure.
looks like there is plenty of jersey left to collect!


  1. Awesome! How cool would it be to be able to recreate "Dodgers" from patch cards?!

  2. That my friend is an impressive card. Congrats on the pickup.

  3. Nice detective work. Nicer patches.