Monday, June 12, 2017

that's all for now

i know that topps now has received mixed reviews since it was introduced at the beginning of the 2016 season. i thought it was a good idea, and went all in on the dodgers (minus the relics and autos) after finding lower cost (but still same day) options on the secondary market.  in 2017, i decided to take a more cautious approach and only go for cards that represented something significant or appealed to me in a more focused way.

so far, i've purchased a couple of singles from two of the 'road to spring training' sets for my memorial patch collection, as well as three dodger cards.  i was once again holding out hope that vin scully would get a card when the dodgers added him to their ring of honor, but topps either chose not to or was legally unable to produce that card.  after seeing scully in a couple of late 2016 topps sets, i thought there was a good chance, but it was not to be.

topps did put out a card for the unveiling of jackie robinson's statue outside the top of the park at dodger stadium
which fits into my dodger stadium collection. the photo choice is odd - it is neither of the actual unveiling nor composed in a way that would isolate the statue.  it looks like a photo that a hurried fan took on their way to the stadium entrance with people milling about.  weird.

the other two cards i've purchased were the cody bellinger mlb debut card and the back-to-back-to-back home run card featuring yasiel puig, bellinger, and justin turner.  the latter arrived just fine, but the seller from whom i purchased the bellinger debut card has yet to come through or respond to my inquiries.  that is the potential danger in not buying directly from topps, i recognize, but even if i wind up with my $5.88 back i am not sure i will bother to spend a little more to get the card from another source.  and, while i considered buying the clayton kershaw 2000th strikeout card, i think i will let topps now pass me by for the time being.

speaking of topps, i was looking at the recently released series 2 schedule, and got excited when i saw the all-star game mvp insert set!  sadly, topps did not include two-time all-star game mvp steve garvey.  they did include other two-time winners gary carter, cal ripken, and mike trout (with trout getting cards for each of his wins).  willie mays and the garv were left on the cutting room floor which is very disappointing.


  1. Good for you on taking a break from NOW. I've been teetering that way again, but I'm in pretty deep. I have had no issues with receiving my cards, but the Pirate cards have been sooooo boring.

  2. I wish I could've afforded that Jackie statue card when it came out.
    I get the Tigers cards when I can, but don't always have the money to buy them.

    I just added the Memorial Day had Miguel Cabrera on it, and Topps had to resend a Cabrera card that I never got.

    I rooted for the Dodgers in the 70s World Series, and loved that great infield...

    Garvey, Cey, Russell, Lopes!

  3. A. I wish Topps would chill out on the number of insert sets... or at least make the inserts tougher to pull.

    B. If they're going to insist on making tons of inserts and create an All-Star MVP set, they should create a card for every MVP.

    C. I just can't get into the Topps Now product line. This particular card is cool and if I ever see it sitting in a quarter bin (heck maybe even a dollar box), I'll grab it. But there are just too many other affordable Robinsons out there I need to add first.