Friday, June 2, 2017

here's another card (or two) for which i spent more than $10 to obtain

i already posted an entry for the sixth day of the 30-day baseball card challenge, which was a card that you spent more than $10 to obtain.  however, i came across another card that has a pretty good story behind it that i thought was worth telling.  to obtain this particular card, a promotional item issued at a minor league game in british columbia, 
i spent more than $20, and the card wasn't the main item in the purchase.  the seller offered up a signed 8x10 photo of steve garvey that they took to the july 2, 2014 appearance for garvey to autograph.  thus, their promotional card (which i understand was given away at the appearance for those without items in hand to get signed) remained unblemished.  i made sure that the card was part of the sale before committing, and was really happy once it arrived.

the 8x10 (not shown) is a different photo than i have in my collection already, so that was nice, but this oversized card is obviously the prize.  it features a photo of garvey that has not been widely seen before (topps used this photo a few years back for an online-only wall-art/photo collectible item that i didn't bother to purchase) - in fact, i had hoped that this photo would have been the one that topps used for the archives snapshot set that came out last year (instead of rehashing his 1976 topps card photo).  at any rate, it's 1980 spring training garvey, preparing to get 200 hits and 100 rbi in a season for the last time in his career.

the back has full career stats and more information, too.
blakes, a canadian law firm, and the british columbia sports hall of fame are the primary sponsors of what looks to be an annual "superstar series" of former mlb stars coming to make appearances and sign stuff at a vancouver canadians game.  this year's event will be held july 18, and will feature david justice and more players who are yet to be announced.

shortly after i made the purchase of the photo and card, a similar item was listed along with a signed card (not shown).  this one was an item made for a steve garvey autograph signing held in 2003, and was given to people who were waiting in line for the garv.
the seller of this was the 240th person in line, i assume.  this card is smaller than the other, but still larger than a typical baseball card.  the organizers of this signing look to have lifted a small image from the internet and then enlarged it, as it is pixelated.  that's ok - i wanted this card for the oddball feature.  i believe i still have a similar item from the harmon killebrew signing i attended, as well as plain tickets that were issued for a boog powell signing, but i could be mistaken as these things are sometimes confiscated as you approach the signing table.

i am very happy to have these in my garvey collection, even at the cost of more than $10!


  1. Very unique pair of items - love these kinds of oddballs!

  2. a lot of cool cardboard comes from our northern border buddies!