Saturday, February 8, 2020

2020 finally arrived

more on him later.

i couldn't make it to the monthly card show today, but i did find some 2020 topps at a big box retailer friday morning.  i didn't do too badly with my blaster and hanger pack as far as dodgers are concerned.
no gavin lux (or tony gonsolin), but i did get my first kiké!
and i wasn't shut out on the lux front, either, 
thanks to a blue 1985 parallel.

i found a few of my double play targets, too
but i know there are a few more out there to gather.

prior to this retail purchase, i did order a couple of cards online. one was this clayton kershaw photo variation
and the other was the ichiro legends variation shown up top.  i bought that card because it fits my final tribute criteria (here's the back with his career totals and most of his yearly stats)
so, it goes in my final tribute collection, although i am annoyed by topps that they made it a short print rather than a regular base card. imagine if they had done that in 2015 with good ol' derek jeter.

overall, i am ok with the design, and there are some of the decades best inserts that i will be seeking out, but i really didn't need turkey red to be back and so prominent in the packs i opened.


  1. Not bad! I didn't have any Dodger magic in my 2 packs today (no Twins either). I will be going after that Ichiro too. I am still mad they didn't make a final Joe Mauer last year!

  2. I'll be on the hunt for that Ichiro as well, and the Kershaw if I can find it. Pulled a few Dodgers from my own 2020 Topps packs that I'm setting aside for you.

  3. The Ichiro is a sweer sunset card... even if Topps f'd collectors and made it a SP.

  4. Really cool SP’s, and the Lux rookie is awesome.

    Enrique Hernandez. A Very Flexible man.