Thursday, August 9, 2018

next year may be the last for jimmie hall cards

so, i have a pc of former twin jimmie hall.  he had cards produced from 1964 through 1970, and so i've been adding some buybacks over the past few years.  this year, i was able to add his 1969 topps card boughtback and stamped as part of 2018 topps heritage
just as i had done in 2017 with his 1968 topps card
with 1970 topps being the last set to include hall, next year's heritage will probably be my last chance to add "new" cards of the guy.  topps seems to have otherwise cooled on the idea of buybacks like this 2014 buyback of the 1969 card
so it seems that there is a hard stop on my pc.  that assumes that hall is not included in future archives releases which is probably a decent bet.  hall still has fans here in minny, but the only way he would supplant the likes of oliva, carew, or puckett on the checklist is if he were to be part of the autograph checklist, and even then there are other fan favorites like hrbek and torii hunter to consider.

i added a regular ol' vintage hall card not too long ago for my 1965 topps set build
although i still need a stamped version of this card (assuming it was part of the 2016 topps heritage buyback release).  his aforementioned 1970 card is a high number, so a buyback may be pretty scarce, but i'll still be looking for it to add to my collection.


  1. I have mixed feelings about Topps not having Puckett in their releases anymore. If it makes room for some of the lesser stars from Twins' past like Hall, Bob Allison, Zoilo Versalles, etc, that would make it almost worth it.
    On the downside, I think Panini is even using the same images every year now for their Puckett cards.
    It's probably not a very lucrative idea, but it would be nice to see some "new" action shots of some of the older and underrepresented players in Topps releases.

  2. I'm sure Topps will find a way to issue more buybacks in products outside of Heritage. Maybe 2021 when they celebrate their 70th Anniversary. Gives you a few years to track down that 2016 Heritage buyback.