Thursday, March 16, 2017

so disappointed in topps, and it's not even opening day. well, it is, actually.

i was reminded today that topps is living in the past, and on the east coast.

yes, clayton kershaw and corey seager and mike trout are topps darlings, but how do you explain the 2017 opening day incredible eats insert set that includes three foods from fenway park, but does not include the world famous farmer john eastern corn fed pork dodger dog?!?!?!

the rockies "foot long hot dog" is featured (covered in a bunch of crap), but no dodger dog.  no cool-a-coo either.  no roger owens throwing peanut bags around. no food west of denver, as far as i can tell, and i know from experience that the mariners serve some tasty fare.  the braves' new stadium that has not yet served any food is represented by a box of popcorn that i could buy at the grocery store.  what group of uneducated hacks decides on these insert checklists?

i dutifully have been using my topps coupons that were in my series 1 blaster, and so i picked up two packs of opening day today.  i saw this card
in the first pack, and was super excited to find the dodger dog insert.  a quick trip to cardboard connection told me that i was sol.  i was already disappointed that the dodgers weren't featured in one of the other opening day insert sets (opening day at the ballpark) since they opened last season on the road in san diego.  i was hoping for a nice dodger stadium shot on one of those cards, but no dice.  the only redeeming thing i've seen so far is that the oakland a's were featured with their memorials to tony phillips and dave henderson showing, so i'll be tracking down one of those cards.

anyway, is that even food that is celebrated on that card up there? i am not sure.

one of the other inserts i pulled was this russell martin superstar celebration card
i thought this was pretty cool, actually, as i recalled a martin walk-off winner last year.  i was not at the game (i went the next day), but i was in toronto that day. or so i thought.  i turned the card over to confirm my recollection of that weekend in the yyz, and i was off by a millenia.
yes, that game was played, according to topps, in the year 1016.

i suppose that this could be a super short print date error variation, but even if that's the case it's ridiculous.  i've never been more embarrassed to be buying this stuff than i am today.  anybody want a series 2 coupon?


  1. 1016 ... oof. ... I wonder what the food looked like then?

  2. I don't blame Topps for leaving out the Oakland Coliseum... but I'm surprised that they don't feature AT&T's garlic fries or crab sandwich.

    1. Ohhhh... my wife loved the garlic fries at AT&T.
      I had thought about busting a couple of boxes of OD just because I saw a couple of these food cards... I figured it would be one per team and I'm very disappointed to learn it's not.

  3. The Pirates have a card in that stupid food set. It was some hot dog with cracker jacks on it or something like that. I go to a lot of games and I've never seen that thing in my life. I asked a couple of my friends and they had no clue either. So weird.

  4. Ah, 1016, that was a good year - Russell Martin looks pretty good for his age!

  5. Hard to believe that just 50 years after that game, the Norman Conquest of England took place.