Wednesday, March 15, 2017

a penny sleeve is a card earned

ben franklin was a wise man, but even he could not foretell the simple joy of trading baseball cards with a fellow collector.  jon at a penny sleeve for your thoughts and i have traded a few times now, and the latest package he sent was something special. however, before i get too deep into this post, head over to jon's blog and enter his (premature) 200th post contest!

on to the cards!  jon was kind enough to find three 1957 topps cards for my slow-going set build
the color on these is fantastic - especially the stone card.  and, is it just me or do others feel like the kansas city a's cards in this set are the most readily available? kind of like rays cards today, i suppose.

jon also sent over some yasiel puig inserts, like this 2014 topps gypsy queen n174 card
this 2015 panini prizm fireworks card
and this 2015 topps heritage chrome card
jon also found and sent this 2016 topps stadium club zach lee gold parallel auto card
which is awesome (au-some?).  unfortunately, topps has had a penchant in recent years for choosing the prospect(s) that the dodgers trade away for inclusion in their sets. lee is now with the padres after the dodgers traded him to the mariners last season, and based on that correlation between cards and trades, i don't expect ross stripling to be a dodger for much longer.

thanks jon, and congrats on approaching 200 posts!

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  1. It does seem like '57 Kansas City cards are fairly easy to find, although I do tend to come across a lot of Senators as well. Zach Lee has such an ugly signature, but knowing you needed it, I couldn't not pass it up. It also helps that it was crazy cheap, much cheaper than any auto numbered to /25 should be.