Monday, March 13, 2017

a local card show with european flair

i am guessing that there are no baseball card shows in slovakia, but there are monthly (and it looks like there are now, once again, two and sometimes three) card shows in the twin cities.  i went to the more established show in early february for two reasons.  one, i wanted to look for some cards for a couple of folks out there, and two, i wanted former twin tom johnson to sign a 1978 topps card for me.  and he did!
i had been aware that johnson was going to be signing at the show for a while, but i had thought that he had already signed for me through the mail.  after talking with another collector at twins fest in late january, however, i realized that it was likely not the case.  so, when i got home from twins fest, i checked my binder and sure enough, there was no tom johnson.

so, what was the reason that had me doubting a ttm success? well, the other collector told me that johnson travels a lot doing ministry type work.  so, after he signed my card, i asked johnson about his work.  he said that he has established a boys and girls club type facility in slovakia, giving youngsters there a chance to hang out and play sports.  he handed me a business card, too.
bratislava is the country's capital, near the austrian border. i didn't think to ask what his connection to slovakia was, but it's a pretty cool thing regardless.

i picked up a number of other cards at the show, including a big stack of 2017 rediscover topps buybacks for a great price and some other stuff to send to some frequent trading partners, but the only other cards i've scanned are for me.  like this 2010 bowman erick aybar orange parallel card,
and these 2017 topps cards - addison russell,
ben zobrist,
and dustin pedroia (1987 30th anniversary insert),
all for the double play binder.

i was disappointed to not find the 2017 topps salute sandy koufax card which had been added to my nefarious nine, but it was otherwise a good show with a lot of dealers.


  1. That Aybar has to be one of the better turning two shots in recent memory...and from Bowman, of all sets!

  2. I don't remember hearing or seeing Mr. Johnson on any cards growing up... but that's pretty cool what he does for those kids in Slovakia.