Thursday, June 20, 2019

i collect dodgers, not angels - except...

as i was writing my 'reminiscence bump' that night owl inspired with his blog bat around topic, i had some recollections that didn't make it in to the post.  then, when collecting cutch asked us to write about a baseball season in which our favorite team did not with the world series, i was able to tell the story of watching the 1979 world series, but being somewhat disappointed in earl weaver's bullpen usage in game 7 as i thought it was extending the game and preventing an episode of one of my favorite shows, 'eight is enough', from being aired.

that memory brought along with it the nights i would stay seated quietly on the couch as tom bradford somehow managed to dole out sage advice to susan or nicholas or even david as the episode came to a conclusion.  i was hoping to make it to the start of 'charlie's angels'.

wednesday nights on abc back in the late 70's meant the bradford family exploits followed by the trials and tribulations of three under-utilized los angeles police women who left their 'hazardous' jobs to become private detectives, and the opening credits of the latter was full of things that piqued the interest of this young boy.  where i grew up, we did not have crossing guards on the way to elementary school, but if we had, i would have liked them to be jaclyn smith.

long story short, i had some extra funds in my comc account so i went looking for a charlie's angels card to add to my collection. it was too late to add to my post, but i found this one that would have fit nicely:
that's a 1977 topps charlie's angels card of jaclyn smith aka kelly garrett, featuring a scene from those opening credits linked above.  sharp eyes will notice that it's a reverse image from what's in the clip.

some nights, i was able to watch some or most of the episode (i do remember the one where kelly was shot!), but it wasn't until the shelly hack era that i think i saw a full episode. jaclyn smith was still with the show (she never left, although farrah fawcett and kate jackson had).

it's interesting that fuji just posted the other day about adding something 'out of the ordinary' to his collection, just as i was pulling together this post. this card is definitely unique in my collection. now if only there were an 'eight is enough' card of merle the pearl!


  1. Dude, don't spend your COMC money, I've got a big pile of extra Angel cards. The one you show is the best one, though.
    GCA The Collective Mind

  2. There seems to be a lot of Angels cards on the blogs as of late, not that I'm complaining mind you, I'm just sayin'.

  3. If I ever start a childhood crush collection... Jaclyn would be in the mix. Dianne Kay from Eight is Enough would join her.