Wednesday, May 10, 2017

international black armbands and a royal patch for yordano ventura

members of team usa and team venezuela, along with the entire team dominican republic, wore black armbands during the world baseball classic to honor the late yordano ventura.  on team usa, it was royal teammates danny duffy and eric hosmer wearing the armbands (you can see it on hosmer's right sleeve on this 2017 topps now card).
it's kind of dark, yes, but the armband is there.

on team venezuela, royal teammates salvador perez and alcides escobar wore the armband, which is visible in this getty images photo of perez.  
no topps now card that i saw showed the venezuelan tribute, but i did pick up one more for team dominican republic.
ventura was a native dominican, which is why the entire team wore the armbands.

the royals also wore a patch for ventura on their jerseys during spring training (as seen on this 2017 topps now road to opening day danny duffy card),
and they are wearing the same patch (although on their right sleeve rather than their chest) throughout the season, as seen on this mike minor card from 2017 topps heritage high numbers.
for the all-star game, the patch was moved back to the chest as shown on jason vargas' 2017 topps update card
don't drink and drive folks.

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  1. Good eyes on that Team USA card - I had to blow the image up to full screen to even catch a hint of the armband. Maybe I need a stronger prescription...