Wednesday, May 3, 2017

a one and only

i have not been able to find a 2015 topps buyback version of the 1978 topps ron cey, but i did pick up this 2016 buyback of the card

which happens to be the 1/1 gold version.

i'd be about as happy as the penguin here if i could find the last few 2015 buybacks i am missing to complete the dodger team set.  in addition to cey, i need dusty baker, terry forster, tommy john, tom lasorda, doug rau, elias sosa, and the lance rautzhan 4-in-1 rookie card, and i don't know for sure whether any of those cards were issued as buybacks.  i would guess that the rautzhan was not, as i have seen none of the 1978 topps rookie cards in buyback form.

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