Wednesday, January 30, 2019

100 years of 42

tomorrow marks what would have been jackie robinson's 100th birthday.  to celebrate the occasion, here are the six cards from the 2017 topps throwback thursday 'proud to wear 42' set (i recently added the full set to my '42' collection).
i am sure you are familiar with the oft-quoted statement jackie made:

"a life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives".

his life was important.  thank you jackie robinson.


  1. Interesting--did Topps not include Mariano Rivera because he wore #42 regularly and not as a promotion?

    1. My guess is that these are all photos from 2016 which would exclude Mariano.

  2. I did not know they did this one, nice to see it. I collect the "42" cards - but only when they actually show the #42. I am always amazed at the amount of cards Topps issues with this theme that then don't use a photo showing the Uni #.

  3. Pretty cool set. One of my favorite days of the baseball season is Jackie Robinson Day. It's a great way to honor Jackie and there's nothing wrong with taking pause to assess where we've come from and how far yet we have to go.

  4. Wow. Happy 100th Jackie! Wish I would have planned a special birthday post for him.

  5. Didn't know this set existed -- I might've actually considered picking one up if I did. The 42 jerseys remain one of my favorite mini-collections.