Monday, July 9, 2018

revisiting a 36-year old set build

i was recently digging through a banker's box at my folks' that contained a few of the sets that my dad and i built in the late '70s and early '80s.  one of those sets was 1982 donruss, and i was intrigued enough to sort through it.

to my surprise, i found that our set included the phil garner reverse negative
as for the other errors, the set had the corrected version of alan trammell's diamond king card (last name spelled correctly), but the error version of his base card (his last name spelled "trammel" on the front).  we had the correct shane rawley card but the error juan eichelberger card.  our card of the chicken was the correct version with the "tm" next to its name, but it was also signed.
i have a vague recollection of maybe being able to send this card off to be autographed. there are quite a few of them out there, and i can't believe they were inserted into packs.  i haven't opened the box this set was in for at least 30 years, so it has been that way since the '80s.  anyone have any recollection of obtaining the chicken's autograph back then?

to finish with the errors, our set had the error randy lerch card (showing him on the braves rather than the brewers), and there was no diamond kings checklist.  i did order one off of sportlots, so we'll see if i get the error or corrected version. i also ordered another chicken card, but the site didn't differentiate between the other errors so i passed.

i found a couple of other cards that i hadn't thought about for a long time.  here's rod carew's card in the set
the first card that i saw showing a player's necklace was reggie smith's 1978 topps card.  on that card, however, the gold chain was static. i remember looking at carew's card here and really noticing the necklace in all of its movement. i thought it was strange.

here is probably my favorite card in the set.  i was a fan of billy ball in oakland.
tommy lasorda's managerial cards were always a disappointment (other than the golf cart shot on his 1988 topps card and the multi-player jog on his 1992 topps card).  after seeing the card above, i always hoped to see a card of lasorda doing what billy is doing, or at the very least giving out one of his bear hugs.  no dice.

there are very few dodger cards showing them in their home park (mike scioscia is the only one that comes to mind), but there are a few reds cards that show dodger stadium in the background, like joe nolan
and mario soto.
by the way, i finally updated my dodger stadium mini collection have list.  it's larger than i had thought.

there was at least one double play card that i hadn't yet added to my other mini collection, and that was of the immortal luis aguayo
he actually played the entire decade of the '80s, but i have no recollection.

i added craig reynolds' card to my double play collection, too
it looks like a dp turn, although i don't know why frank taveras would try to break up a dp with a head first slide.  i think the photo is from spring training as i could find no play at baseball reference that would shed light on what was going on there, so like i said - it looks like a dp turn and i will consider it that until proven otherwise.

finally, i give you 34-year old bill stein's card.
gives 37-year old gaylord perry a run for his money.  i find it funny that i referenced the ages of both perry and stein in a post nine (nine!) years ago.


  1. Oh man, very cool, especially those errors.

  2. I'm not sure about that Reynolds, either. The first time I looked at it I thought it was a DP turn, but after a couple viewings it looks like it might be a wild stolen base attempt.

  3. The back of the Chicken card includes an address and directions for getting the card autographed. Must've been the 1st TTM request for a lot of young collectors back then.

  4. The signed Chicken card is awesome! His signature hasn't changed in 36 years.