Tuesday, June 12, 2018

more 2018 dodger stadium card giveaways!

the dodger stadium baseball card giveaways continued in may with the 1970s and 1980s being featured.  the header card of the '70s set is as close as i will get to a card of the infield, unfortunately.
don sutton was the known dodger legend to be featured in the '70s set
but it was a surprise to me that the same six current players who were featured in the '50s/'60s set were again featured in the '70s set
i had guessed that the '80s set would include tommy lasorda or fernando valenzuela or orel hershiser.  tommy got a shout out on the '70s header card, and fernando and the bulldog were mentioned on the header for the '80s set
but in the end, it was tommy who got the legends card
along with the same current players
topps is making up for lost time with the chris taylor cards.

i found it interesting that topps used the 1985 design for this set for a couple of reasons.  first, they used the 1965 design for the first giveaway. 1965 was a big year for the dodgers as they beat the twins in the world series.  the dodgers didn't win any of the three fall classics they were in during the 1970s, but the use of the 1977 design coincided with one of their nl championships, so it seemed to make sense that way.  1985 was an odd choice given that the dodgers won world championships in both 1981 and 1988, never mind the fact that they lost the nlcs to the cardinals in '85 after being up two games to none.

the '90s set is issued tonight, and i understand that the 1994 design is being used.  the dodgers were in first when the strike hit that year, so who knows what might have happened.  as far as the legend in this set, i will guess mike piazza, but the dodgers haven't really embraced his hall of fame-ness since he was inducted as a met.  we'll see...

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  1. I find it very interesting that a team that has enjoyed a nice playoff run recently is only championing the same six guys.
    The Cubs and Topps did something similar four years ago or so and there were more cards in each giveaway and more designs used.
    Regardless, I'm glad to see the stadium giveaway continue.