Friday, December 30, 2016

secret santa still a secret

the few times that i've participated in secret santa gift exchanges (in an office or familial setting), the identity of the secret santa was revealed at the time gifts were exchanged.  i joined bob walk the plank's secret santa this year, and sent out cards to my assigned collector with no pretense of remaining anonymous once he received the cards.  i can't tell whether he recognized my package as a secret santa gift or not - i'm pretty sure it was clear on the packaging - as he's posted part of the group of cards i sent.  i'll wait and see if he mentions it in a future post.

in the meantime, i received my gift - this 2013 topps johnny podres chasing history autographed insert
however, i do not know who sent it. i didn't recognize the address, and there was no note inside.  maybe it's better this way, but if you want to 'fess up, please do so in the comments.

it's weird seeing johnny podres autographed cards show up in card releases these past few years since he passed away almost 8 years ago.  that's stickers for you.

anyway, i had fun looking for cards for my assigned collector, and hope that the secret santa project returns in 2017.


  1. I agree, I hope the Secret Santa returns next year. It is always fun to shop for someone else.

    I sent my cards out anonymously (because I thought it was supposed to stay a secret), but once I found it wasn't supposed to be a secret I revealed myself the day after Christmas. I'm sure your Secret Santa will come forward eventually.

  2. My Secret Santa is still a secret too. I'm a little curious... but I'll live if I never find out who sent me my very cool present.

  3. Just saw your post...your secret santa was me. I agree...this was a cool idea and hope it returns next year.