Friday, October 7, 2016

looking for 7

the dodgers - combining the brooklyn and los angeles versions - have 6 world series titles to their credit.  tonight, they begin their latest postseason quest for number 7.  the nice people at topps recently included this insert in their physical 2016 topps bunt release around the concept that the dodgers have won a number of titles.
it's numbered to 75 and is fairly difficult to come by, so i just have the one and it will go in my steve garvey collection.  duke snider and sandy koufax are just along for the ride.  here's the back.
i won't be scratching off for the code. i don't even know what the code does.

anyway, of the six titles owned by the franchise, only the 1988 championship came about without input from one of the three players shown (it would have been nice for topps to have added orel hershiser to the card to address that title, but i suppose four dodgers would get somewhat crowded).  in fact, the dodgers franchise has only appeared in four world series in seasons that the rosters didn't include one of these guys.  you have the 1916 and 1920 world series that the brooklyn robins lost, and the 1941 world series that the brooklyn dodgers lost to go along with the 1988 improbable/impossible season and title (side note in case you are about to question it - the dodgers made the series in 1947, snider's rookie season, although duke did not play in the fall classic that year).

now, here is a (sad) list of non-championship dodger postseason appearances since garvey left the fold.

1983 - lost nlcs to phillies 3 to 1.  steve carlton was pretty good.
1985 - lost nlcs to cardinals 4 to 2.  first base was open!
1995 - lost nlds to reds 3 to 0.  none of the games were close.
1996 - lost nlds to braves 3 to 0.  dodgers had a lead for a total of four out of 28 innings.
2004 - lost nlds to cardinals 3 to 1. thank goodness for lima time that year.
2006 - lost nlds to mets 3 to 0.  back to getting swept in the postseason.
2008 - won nlds against cubs 3 to 0; lost nlcs to phillies 4 to 1.  mannywood!
2009 - won nlds against cardinals 3 to 0; lost nlcs to phillies 4 to 1.  payback for '77 and '78 nlcs.
2013 - won nlds against braves 3 to 1; lost nlcs to cardinals 4 to 2.  no kemp and hanley hbp hurt.
2014 - lost nlds to cardinals 3 to 1.  this is why i don't like matt adams.
2015 - lost nlds to mets 3 to 2.  this is why i don't like daniel murphy either.

at any rate, i'm hoping that any cards or conversations about dodger championships going forward will have to include clayton kershaw and the franchise's seventh title.


  1. I didn't realize you had a new blog. I now see that you got this one. I offered on it (because it was 66, but the seller was not willing to budge to my price. Good for you. These seem exceptionally hard to get as I only saw 5-6 offered, which is odd for a print run of 75. I did see one that was numbered to 50, but I don't think anyone noticed until it was too late. It sold for the least amount of any of them!

  2. The codes on the back of the Title Town cards can be entered in to the Topps Bunt app and it will unlock a digital version of the card.

  3. That sucks if people who care about the digital cards scratch the code boxes. I would take a scratched box version, but would prefer an unscratched one for the collection.